Accountability, Consequences & Mark Sanford

This past week we heard news that yet another public figure has fallen into adultery.  The governor of South Carolina stood before the press to publicly acknowledge his sin. 

It is a cautionary tale that all men should take to heart.  Especially in demanding occupations that require lengths of time away from home, special care should be taken to guard the heart.  In this case, according to World Magazine, Sanford had been involved in an accountability group in the form of a somewhat secretive  men’s Bible fellowship that meets in a townhouse on Capitol Hill.

In spite of the bad news, it is refreshing to read that at least some of our public servants who meet in this fellowship take their walk with God seriously.  Unfortunately for Sanford, it was not enough.  There must be aggressive action taken daily beyond Bible study groups to guard ourselves as men.  Randy Alcorn has an excellent post on the action he took to guard himself from sexual immorality:

About twenty-five years ago, while pastors at Good Shepherd Community Church, my friend Alan Hlavka and I both developed lists of all the specific consequences we could think of that would result from our immorality as pastors. The lists were devastating, and to us they spoke more powerfully than any sermon or article on the subject.

Read the whole thing and develop a plan of attack against potentially life-devastating temptation.


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