Gospel-Lite Family-friendly Radio

In the D.C. area, we are fortunate to have some good Christian radio stations that have a decent format.  There are two (WAVA, for example) which still have a majority of their content devoted to preaching and teaching with the likes of Alistair Begg, R.C. Sproul and John Mac Aurthur.  There are also a couple that are predominately music-only stations.  Many stations across the country  have adopted to a “family-friendly” format.  A recent study examines what is said between the songs.  According to Paul Butler:

There are thousands of radio stations across the country today which play Christian music. A recent study looked at Christian Music Radio to determine what sets it apart from its mainstream counterpart. But the study didn’t look at the music itself, but what was said between the songs—and what they found may surprise you.

You can listen here to the feature with Mark Seignious (Associate Professor of Electronic Media Communication at Northwestern College  in St. Paul, MN) and Ripley Smith (Professor of Communication at Bethel University, also in St. Paul).



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